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For now

The work is done. Now I am being wasteful and sitting with headphones and typing this. Yay. Back to my old ways. In a bit I shall go watch a bunch from the Floor play a game. For now, I am here though. I am working hard on Elvish!!! I wanna speak it! Really! I ran out of blue icky-sticky to hang up pics ;_;

I am avoiding the thought of classes. One day of total freedom. I am gonna watch the end of TB and I am already in my eating habits of eating as little as possible - for dinner: one slice of pizza, and that was it.

..I want my Frodo.. So plushie sweet! Dad sais he would maybe get (books version) Faramir or Arwen. Teheee - he thinks he will take my Frodo, but he is wrong!!! He is all mine! Ah well, Dad can take a pic of 'im, ne?
Tags: food, language, music, rest, solitude, stuffed animals

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