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wet piano?

Well, another wild day at Slifer House..
We had planned to hold the first of our summer concerts outside on the front lawn of the museum grounds where we always do..but they had said at the last minute that we couldn't use the piano we always do. Well, we couldn't find another one, so we got stuck wheelign over the old one. Well the new one that replaced the old one. Anyway, it started raining this afternoon. Luckily we had the piano tarped-up. But since it has been raining all afternoon and continues now, the grass is soaked and so we had to move the concert indoors. and the museum director had to move the piano back indoors...wheeling it accross the front of the museum grounds back into the nursing home...and we gopt soaked..and we looked really funny. We even borrowed two floppy hats from the rummage sale boxes but we still got wet... But the piano is back in it's home and happy I guess. And I still have to go to the concert tonight but...I really don't want to-as my boss is rather in a crazy mood (and I certainly can't blame him!!) I go to get dry clothes and ready for the concert O.o

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