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Star Wars! Bakura!

I am in another Star Wars phase ^.^

I was looking through my books and grabbed The Truce at Bakura (the novel which follows the Return of the Jedi. I loved that book when I was young :3 And I got all nostalgic skimming it ^__^ I always loved Dev Sibwarra!! Well, I got on google and found a sourcebook for the story as well as micromachine toys and went bonkers!! *need sourcebook!* *waaaai toys!*

So all week I've been reading the Truce at Bakura and watching the Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi!! W00t! I feel like teh u83r n3rd! :3

So in honor of Star Wars I made a little Luke icon ^.^ It isn't great but I though the screencap was sorta cute^^ Luke was always my favorite next to R2D2 XD

Ok I am gonna stop before my fan-ness scares ppl ^___^

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