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Picnics and laziness.. .

. . . "and I smile and nod and slowly drift away/
Deep enough to dream of things I've never seen/
Deep enough to join a million people for a wedding feast/
Deep enough to reach out and touch the face of the one who made me/
And all the joy and all the peace/
Do I ever have to wake up?"

I love that song :3

I feel really drowsy like drifting to sleep on my summer hammock under the maple tree.

Today was father's day and we had a picnic at gram n pap's which was nice.
yesterday we had a picnic at the Sudars' cabin and that was fun too.

Let's see...right now the History channel is on. We watched the last 2 episodes of Band of Brothers - which was great. Also on TV lately, I saw the end of the show 24 and the episode where the terrorists order the death of the one civilian guy. Poor guy! That was great stuff too!

Well, time to go talk to my Canadian boyfriend ^.^ See ya all around :)

*waiting for my Bakura book and toys to arrive* ^^

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