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Time out from the excitement of the weekend

Yes my day yesterday was interesting as well. There was a swing dance from 8-? and we (me and a bunch of my friends on the third floor of Paul Hall of Gbg College) went. It was freezing cold, and the walk there was too long. When we got there all I could think of was how uncomfortable I was socially...This is why I don't go out. Well, then I remembered my one middle school dance and got all depressed. I couldn't do the steps right and wanted a shot of alcohol..but I am too young ;_;. Towards 9:30, I did get in one good dance thanks to the only male meber of our little group, Brendan. I got a strawberry daqurie and was pretty happy. Then we all came back to the dorm (back home). We decided to watch a movie and I made some ramen. :p They started listing titles and none interested me slightly until Jacki (roomate^^) said she had the Mummy. o.O coolness - mummies and possibly cute archeologists getting injured?? I wanted to see that!! Yay! So, that is what we watched. We ordered a pizza and it was awesome times.
My absolute fav part of the movie that I missed cause I happened to turn around and grab my stuffed Lobster (yes, I still have stuffed animals, even at college!!) was the one guy - I am not sure if he was an archeolgist/historian/or treasure-hunter - who was the first partial-victim of the mummy. He is just standing there and the lady is like "hellooooo" and he doesn't move..turns out he is eye-less and tounge-less! yikes! (yes, and I missed that instant..darn..anyway) Someone made a comment that we have had a thig for movies and people who have just lost eyes. It was just one other movie that had anything like that. I was don't read a lot of X, do you? Anyway, the Arab protector of the site saves the injured guy and drops him in front of the others..awws..he was just incoherently consciosly trying to babble. Poor guy. Later, he is all better with a nice eyebandage and then he dies anyway..o man.. All he really needed was a Sakurazukamori to put him out of his misery quickly, ne?! The mummy was cool though. He reminded me of the skulltulla in Zelda - YARGGGG I am cursed!! ^^ So it was fun and after it was all done I drew more pictures for a possible web comic for Reeves-san and instantmessaged him about that while admiring Audrey's newly posted d scans...I was sooo happy I was too happy to sleep..(and I wanted to rewind the movie and see that part I missed...)

This morning, it was back to work. I almost have my chem report done and am reading ahead so I won't have to over vacation. I am still trying to decide what to do about those d pictures..I must print them and then find an appropriate place for them so I don't sit on the webpage all day!! ^_^
I remembered one thing I forgot to mention here in my journal yet:
The icon is my own interpretation of a younger Sakurazuka Setsuka from Clamp's manga X. She is featured in all her beauty (in picture) in X16 and (in sound) in Seishirou's Character File. Just to say that the character is not my own (that goes for the name, too) but they are my own interpretations at least! I wanna spend more time drawing Setsuka-chan pictures, but Reeves has me working on webcomic stuff...
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