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New manga ideas floating in my head

This is an odd idea. I made a set of characters. Each one is a personification of some dream or daydream I have had which describe different sides of personality. Then I give them each a tone, a name, and let them loose to interact with one another. It sometimes is interesting because it shows how the different sides of character within a person interact. The different characters as of now are: [Surrender.] Limelae-Topaz. [Honor.] Lissinen-Garnet. [Happiness.] Megumi-Pink Quartz. [Mournful.] Ceiele-Amethyst. [Emptiness.] Maia-Crystal. [Coldness.] Pelagia-Hematite. [Rebellion.] Iona-Emerald. [Harmfulness.] Hermia-Citrine.

I have a new webpage up with all my different story ideas!!!

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