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Megan the LOTR fanatic and signatures

I spent the evening watching Parts of the Extended Version of LOTRI: The Green Dragon, Strider, Weathertop, Concerning Hobbits and such. This morning I read The Silmarillion: Galadriel was spilling her beans to Melian, Maeglin was born, and Gondolin was established. I made a few new away messages: The Black Crack, The Dragon, and plan to change my info.

Info used for the past 4 and 1/2 months:

Megan: A Manga, Anime and Video Game Fanatic ..(ok so I like them!)
Official meanings of Megan Lynn: "Pearl" (Welsh-from Greek), "Great" (Greek), "Gentle" (Irish Gaelic), "Waterfall [Pool]" (English). Lissinen Meler: Sweet waters-loved one McCarty: Laimh Laidir a-Buagh. "Strong hand uppermost"

"The concept of progress acts as a protective mechanism to sheild us from the terrors of an unknown future." -Dune

My sig. for posting on is from Hellsing:
"Drowned in power and drunk with blood, freak you shall be given eternal pain." -Hellsing Anime

(I have yet to post there!!)
Tags: books, movies, names

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