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Back again

I am at home again-just got back from my trip to Fl to visit my best-est friend Claire ^___^ It was tons of fun!!!

Let's see...for a quick rundown of what we did before I collapse into sleep...

--Anime Convention:Metrocon. It was kind of small, but I got a kawaii Kirara cap and we were awesome as a pair of Clamp schoolgirls!!
--Movies! I saw more movies this past week than I have in over a year I'll bet! ^_^ We saw every genre I think! Let's see, we watched:
Frieda (loved how she did her hair^^)
Jacki Chan in Shanghai Nights^^ Ahh Britian :3
Nicholas Nickleby (MUST BUY XDXD) and Pride & Prejudice (SOO CUTE!! XD)
Ghost Ship (I *still* can't get over that cute/evil dude! he was so.... gah! *lol*)
Harry Potter 3 (I want a Hippogrif [sp?] and happy to have had my daily dose of the lovely Lee Ingleby :p)
lots of Adult Swim - Aqua Teen Hunger Force r0xx0rz^^
and many many more ^_^
--The waterside-we went to the beach one night and the Pier the following day (yesterday). Both were very fun and nice ^_^ A trip to FL isn't complete without the beach walk I s'pose :p
--Food!! Yum! We ate well ^_^ Mexican, slushies, and cookie batter never tasted so good :3

I guess that's the generals, but oh there was so much more (including me *driving* in FL O.o;;; )!
I will leave it at that for tonight, though, and return to share more later ^_^

Many many thanks again to Claire and family for making this past week so cool ^__^ You are ub3r c00lness :3

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