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AIM Plushie Frodo

Me and My Dad:

Setsukachan: and the eyes are cool beans
Dad: yes
Setsukachan: ^_^
Dad: like precious moments eyes
Setsukachan: yeah I cant wait!!!! ^^
Dad: patience!!!!!
Setsukachan: :D [look sideways]
Dad: i get to see him first!!!!!!
Setsukachan: >.< ~_~
Dad: ok ok you can keep him
Setsukachan: ^_____^
Setsukachan: :D
Dad: but i still get to see him first!
Setsukachan: :P yeah uhuh k sures mmmhh little orc ^^
Dad: yes!!!
Setsukachan: hey like this away message?
Dad: ?

Auto response from Setsukachan:
The dragon is withered
His bones are now crumbled
His armour is shivered
His splendour is humbled!
[Cheats for the Hobbit Game everyone!! repeat this verse after hearing it only once!! ^_^]
-The Hobbit, Tolkien

Setsukachan: like it?
Dad: ha ha!
Setsukachan: in your honour spleandour
Dad: *bow jap style*
Setsukachan: ^.^ teehee *giggles* who doesnt wanna hug frodo??? ^_____^
Setsukachan: when galadriel says you are alone..I wanna give 'im a big hug
Dad: welll, i would rather hug book arwen
Setsukachan: ?
Setsukachan: aw well, yeah, but I am a girl, so I need a guy - you are a guy, so you need a female
Setsukachan: and hobbits have to be cuddly if their homes are so -
Dad: i'm glad you realize that;-)
Setsukachan: comfy
Setsukachan: teeheee ^___^
Setsukachan: yes I weep for the destruction of arwen
Setsukachan: :(
Dad: absolutely
Setsukachan: :'( :'(
Tags: books, family, love, stuffed animals

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