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rambling happy

I was spending way too much time tonight trying to figure out a way to make an icon of the very last frame from ghost Ship lol! In one of my phases and I am all "XD" over that last scene. So yes ^-^

What else is new?
My Athuran cosplay is nearly done.
I gave a tour today at Slifer House.
Matt finally beat the hardest boss in Ninja Gaiden.
I want to buy a Red vs Blue tee-shirt!! I can't decide between Tex, Caboose and Donut. Hmmm.
Now listening to a Canadian song:
Silent swimming through a pool of dreams
...the grand the Bazaar
And on the walls Shadows play
Twilight souls Anguished ways
Lost adrift Seven seas
I await you Come to me
Tell my lover, come back to me

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