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This world is bigger than I thought

I am slowly seeing how immense and great this world is... as well as how awesome and powerful its Creator.

At work yesterday, my boss told us us about an event from the year before. He'd been in the Historical Society up north, and he'd been with a group who tried to contact ghosts. They asked questions and left spaces for answers. During the session, they heard nothing, but in playback, they heard actual ghost voices.

And he played us those recorded voices.

And I was never so terrified in all my life!
I was absoluetly in shock and fear.

I realize, now for sure, that there are things in this world that cannot be seen or heard all the time, but that exist. Some for good and some for ill, and it is terrifying to know that I can do nothing about it. If that were all, I'd probably die of fright. Thankfully I can pray, and believe me, I did. A lot. lol

This world is so full, and full of things I cannot even begin to imagine. Even time itself is a terrifying concept. But it was Created for a purpose and has a plot behind it. And the fact that that is so much more powerful than one ghost, makes me pale. I can just feel the blood draining...

*ouchie leg fell asleep*

Now that I've heard voices which are not of human origin, I have come to realize that there are powers out of my own comprehension, and with that knowledge, I can't claim ignorance. I must make the most of it and add that facet of view to the old ones in my mind to build a new image of the world I live in. Maybe I will be a better Christian now that I've been confronted with the other world ^^ I only hope so. God's blessings on all of you.

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