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airsoft/gamer jealous

Tonight my brother's been invited to his friend's place - he and our neighbor Davey are gonna take their airsoft guns and have fun shooting them in the woods. They will prolly play Halo and talk about arsoft guns...H&K...gah!

I 4m t3h ub3r j34l0us! ^_^

I wish I had a gang of freinds where I could hang out and do all that!! But alas I am a chick ~_~ And girls aren't supposed to be into that stuff :p

But here's one gal who loves Halo and wants to become a great sharpshooter! ^____^ Long live airsoft! And just wait till I get my own airsoft gun XD G3 SG1 is *mine*!

I may get a chance to go out and shoot if Matt and Davey go airsofting in Mill Hall tomorrow....but I am afraid I will get pawned and I really don't wanna fullfill their assumption that girls stink at airsoft x.x

*shakes fist at assumptions gamers have of girls*

ADDITION: *11:30 pm*
check out the airsoft rifle I want here.
H&K G3 SG/1

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