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Airsoft...want it...

I have been spending the night searching for airsoft...and it is really very dangerous because it is so tempting!!

You can see a pic of the rifle I want in a link in the previous entry..

The only problem between me and the rifle is Japan.
I have to go to Japan soon.
(Which is ironic, cause the maker of this rifle is Tokyo marui and centered in JAPAN! >.<*)

I am really not looking forward to Japan at this moment.
All the paperwork, visa time, hoping I get ok classes, forgetting all the language, worrying about my host family, having no internet for a year, and all this crud is really ticking me off. ~_~ I am totally not excited about it at all.

Ok I will quit complaining.
I am happy to have my DJ Doboy streaming radio^^
and at least I got to play Halo today for a couple hours.
Blast, I feel so un-1337

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