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Lollipops can be dangerous!

I was minding my own business - dinner was done (cheesy chicken and rice, one of my favorites), Matt was on his way to a friend's and I got a lollipop for desert...
Well, I like to get the most flavor I can from such things as lollipops, so I was twirling it about my mouth and I didn't realize the edge had a sharpness to it. I felt it scratch the roof of my motuh and it almost hurt.
Then I tasted something rich and warm in my mouth that wasn't the strawberry lollipop.

That stinkin' lollipop had cut open the roof of my mouth and made it bleed for quite a while!! Ouch!!

It was rather odd O.o

So everyone beware of the sharo lollipops! They could cause injury to your mouth :p Or maybe I am just weird!

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