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Cosplay At Otakon 2004

This year at Otakon I am going totally cross-cosplay! XD
And in addition, they are all characters in group cosplays.

My costumes include:

Rock Howard - from SNK games Garou: Mark of the Wolves & Capcom vs SNK 2
I had this costume at Katsucon and shall reappear in it at Otakon! Raging Storm!! And this time, my mentor, Terry (aka Reeves) will be there too^^

Asuran Zala - from Gundam Seed.
I did his green outfit, which included the cap! He is too adorable in that scene!

Hiwatari Satoshi/Hikari - from DN Angel
Originally, I planned to so a Krad cosplay, but plans got changed and I ran out of time. I hope to do that costume in the future - but I am all *squee* over getting to do Hiwatari now!! Ack I am way too happy about it!! He is one of my ultimate favorite characters ever! XD Thank you Laura and Des for inviting me to do it cause I am loving the idea right now!!

So the con is really looking good and I am all hyped up about it! Yay! I am all ready to crosscosplay to my heart's delight!! XD

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