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Characters of mine; phases

A while back I described some characters of mine which I have been thinking about. I decided to upload a sketch to explain more of what I have going on inside my head.

In the picture are four of my characters: Katzia, Ceile, Maia, and Iona. They are some of the more depressing ones, but they illustrate themselves clearly ^_^

Katzia is my character of surrendur. She is yellow, the most vulnerable of colors. Her pose is unaggressive and fragile and her wings soft. Her personality is not total weakness, however. She is one who gives it all and makes the ultimate sacrifice in giving her life.

Ceile is the character of nostalgia and mourning. She was the first of all. Amethyst is her color and her wings look downward. Even her costume is old-fashioned. She remembers the sorrows of the past and things lost.

Maia is the character of manners, of fear, of "going with the flow" and getting drowned in it. She is defeated in battle, and rather than die, she uses her charm of manner to remain alive. But what kind of life it is, she cannot say. The mood is one which is never at rest, but unable to fight for fear of death. She is vanity.

Iona is the last, my Sapphire self. She is the most fun of all - even more so than Megumi, the happy one. Iona is the rebellious one who stands up for a cause and fights for it as boldly as she can without care of the consequence. Her conscience is clear, though sometimes she goes too far. Bold and daring, like the lines of blue.

So there you have an explanation of some of the characters. :)

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