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A moment-infinite

If a picture's worth 1,000 words....

(...and that is only a two dimensional representational peice made by man...)

..what is a moment of life worth?!

And follows a poem by my boyfriend from Canada ^_^ whom I will be meeting soon.

fear to fall

i give you fair warning
of a moment in time
that has not yet arrived

this thing, now unseen
lies before us
awaiting construction

i'll remember your face
when i lay to dream
before i awake to coffee

recall this time, before rain
before the cloudy afternoons
in distant summertimes

the moment, quickly arriving
where i can say with certainty
that you are a dear friend

you will hear it, the thunder
as it humbles us
you will smell the coming storm

both of us will smile
for these dreamed afternoons
are as all before, all after

the heat of an Ottawa July
a Saturday with no destination
and the company of you

i will dream these afternoons
compose them as raw emotion
and hope that i will remain alone

- D.R.P. Charbonneau


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