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Otakon 2004

I have to say it:

Otakon was great stuff! The cosplaying was so fun, our group was great, we got to attend a Japanese rock concert, and I got tons of photos!

So, here's an in depth but quick run-through of the convention as experienced by Setsuka-chan^^ it is really long, so I put it behind the cut so as not to take up tons of room on everybody's friends page ^^

We arrive at about 10 am Friday and checked into the room, went over to get our registration badges, met up with Oliver and Panda, and started off on the fun! There were 12 in our group: myself, Oliver, Des, Laura, Reeves, Sylvia, Tyler, Ben, Lauren, Jamie, and 2 others. Mostly, I was off running about with Oliver and Des^^
Friday I wore my Hiwatari school uniform in the afternoon and switched into my Rock Howard costume in the evening. It was about 7 or so in the evening and we were down by the fountains in the ceonvention center when I saw a whole group of SNK cosplayers!! O_O One of them took me by the arm and put me in the group for a big group photo!! I hadn't even known about the photo shoot but by this amazing stroke of divine coincidence I ended up being able to be a part of the photo anyway!! XD

I think it was also Friday when I saw the Treize Kushrenada cosplayer! XD GAH XD it was amazing and I had the urge to glomp but I didnt :3

Saturday I wore my Athrun costume and me and Des went around arm in arm at the con, as she was dressed as Rakusu (ラクス)!! She looked so cute! Well, everbody's costumes looked aweseome!! ^___^ Laura's Minmay was so cute and good! And Sylvia's outfits were great!! XD Yay everyone did good!! Even the Haro haro's looked "sooo cute"!

Saturday was also the day of the L'Arc en Ciel rock concert!! Yay they came to America and played music! (The line for it was insane, but once we got in the door, we were happy-and watching Full Metal Alchemist was awesome-I like the series already^^) The concert itself was very loud but fun! Their English was amusing too ^.^ "Did you eat Crabps?" lol! "We love you America!"

Sunday was rainy, but we went to the Dealer's Room and got sushi for lunch.

And I forgot some random tidbits:

Another photo I took included Sniper Wolf XD Yay I love her - she's awesome! So of course I had to take photos of her cosplayer!
I also saw a lot of "Caboose" Tshirts from Red vs Blue! You rock, RvsB!!! XDXD
Someone made a reference to the Transformers movie at the Mock trial program: "I have nothing but contempt for this court"! I love you Kranix! XD
I was tempted to buy an airsoft gun, as they had a stand, but instead I bought three manga: DNAngel (*Squee* Hiwatari!!), Tsubasa(*BIGGER SQUEEEE!!* SEISHIROU-CHAN!), and a Zelda manga!! Those were sold out by the end of the first day, I think!

By Sunday we were all worn out. Poor Des was having major knee problems so I tries to help her about <:) I would have carried you on my back if my feet weren't already also so sore^^ I hope everybody else had a good time and got home safely ^___^ I am really glad I could cosplay with such fun people^^ And I am so happy that Oliver could come :D I hope you liked the con ^_^ I hope I wasn't too much of the crazed fangirl (okok, yes I was^^, but I hope it didn't scare you too much <:) heehee)! It was really fun seeing you and I hope you can come again next summer ^__^ (And I hope Panda had fun too) :) I I hated saying goodbye cause I won't see everybody for a while, but time will pass by pretty fast and before we know it, I'll be back at Gettysburg and all ^_^ Well, that's the update for now! For the rest of the day I shall be hunting pics of our group :3

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