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Niagara Falls

I spent the past 2 and a half days in *CANADA*
It was very nice :)

I have a whole long description of it behind the cut: it involves pretty nature, crazy commercialism, some interesting souvenirs, and me getting to meet my boyfriend^^

We arrived in Niagara Falls Thursday afternoon about 4 pm. It took quite a while to cross the border, but they let us through without any searches or anything.
We went looking for our hotel and discovered that it was one of the two main streets for tourists in town O_O We were scared....we never saw so many cheesy- tours/museums on one street lol! I mean, it was all plastic, neon, and *LAME* The Frankenstein museum just down from the wax museum of criminals that was across the street from the alien horror attraction...*gags* Luckily, the hotel was nice :) We were on floor four, and we had a pretty good view of the bouncing ride of doom. ^_^ At least we weren't on downtown Clifton Street itself x.x

We waited until 8 pm for Robert to arrive via the train. We dropped him off at his hotel and then we got some food at Kelsey's. He thought, also, that Clifton St was rather...pathetic touristic-ness. But it was highly amusing!

On Friday, Robert and I did a number to things in town..
--went to the Aviary (I liked the owls the best :D Also, the little birds were pretty, and there was a large black-colored bird in the main chamber whose call was so neat^^),
--walked by the Falls (they are so majestic and beautiful! and at night they shine colored lights on them! I liked them a lot!),
--visited the Imax movie about Niagara Falls (where I learned that the first person to go over in a barrel was an old woman and her kitty-and we even got to see the actual barrel),
--ate at Boston Pizza (where I got a small chicken fajita pizza all for myself O_O),
--and watched the fireworks at night while eating ice cream (I got chocolate with peanut butter chunks) ^__^

Saturday, my family drove up north.

First we went to the butterfly conservatory. It was amazing! There were so many butterflies and they were *everywhere*! Some landed on people! Two landed on Robert - heehee! I have a much deeper appreciation for butterflies now ^_^ And it was also kind of amusing, when after we got out of the butterfly room, a guy dressed in a butterfly mascot suit went around and shook hands with people. Yes, I shook its hand ^.^

After that, we continued on to Niagara on the Lake, a quaint town with shops of various types. Robert and I wandered along there for a good two hours. We visited:
--The Scottish Loft (I liked the many Scottish things and clan crests)
--Irish Design (their Irish clothing was amazing, as Robert put it: "honest"; I saw a hat there that I liked but it was so expensive that I wouldn't let Robert buy it for me)
--Mystical Designs (Robert bought me a Flourite stone carved in the shape of a heart^^ It is so pretty!)
We also had raisin butter tarts at the bakery, truffles at the choclatier, tasted wine at the wine shop, and I got a jadite ring at another rock/mineral store!

I enjoyed that town a lot! It was peaceful and pretty :)

Before we left Niagara Falls, we stopped at a little street vendor who wrote names/words n a grain of rice and set it in a glass charm. Robert bought one for his niece, Faith, and one for me :) He had my name written on one side and the name of the celestial feminnie spiritual force of Yinzhan belief; so it looked like this: MEGAN/MYRAN

So, all in all, it was a very nice visit. Robert and I got along really well. He's very thoughtful, respectful, intelligent, and cheerful :) It's sad that I won't be seeing him in a long time :\ But that's life, I s'pose.

Hopefully, in another half an hour, my photos (well, my parent's camera photos) will be developed from Niagara and I can show them to anybody who's interested ^^


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