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Complain-y ^_^

Yar I feel in a complaining mood for some odd reason but I can't come up with anything specific so I am brooding.

Guess I am just worried about going to Japan. >.<*
I hate preparing for stuff like that.
I think I've already said that before though ^.^

Also, it was an odd day.
I went to the museum at 9, but my boss' black Honda wasn't there...He'd decided to take the day off but he hadn't told me ~_~ I was a bit frazzled. I ended up going to Hershey to my mom's appointment, and on the way I got a diary (2) for Japan and Matt got more Warhammer 40 K models! Then, my parents traded in their old car for a new one O_O Finally, I was going to get my Niagara photos developed but didn't get to do the car transaction lasted till 7 pm ~_~

Well, that's about it.

The only other news is how badly my computer is acting.
It is totally breaking down now bit by bit I am afraid... curses.

I am gonna stop now and quit complaining ^_^

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