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Things. Little time and a haze of things.

There's this cruel law in chemistry and economics which says that for everybit which is gained, something is lost somewhere else to maintain "the balance" of matter/money. It is also true in the study of life and the balance of time.

I only have a few days left in America and I figure that I should use them very very wisely and appreciatively. But, I ended up spending the evening on my computer on MSN messenger. >.< I kinda was upset that I wasn't in the living room with my family watching game show outtakes...but it ended up ok. It's either sacrifice family for friends and boyfriend online or vice versa. And it is a cruel thing to have to choose. It's so much easier at college when everyone is online but my roomates.

We had thunderstorms tonight.
And the highlight of the day was watching the end of Enemy of the State over dinner. The end of that movie is so fun^^ heehee!

I also have a gemstone theme going on with my SN's for MSN messenger. So far, I've used:
Peridot Raindrop
Topaz Wings
Garnet Facet
Amethyst Cloud
Rose Quartz Glow
Obsidian reflection
Citrine light

(And once I sat and figured it, without realizing, each one is a simple description of the faceted characters which I have mentioned a few times! ^^)

One more museum work day..tomorrow. I will be SO glad to be out of there. I really don't like this telling of ghost stories and hearing of voices in the museum. Very uncool.

Tomorrow will be busy, but a day to get things done. It came so quickly that I seem blinded. As all events do to me. As time does to all.

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