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Missed things

I haven't been updating. So let me begin where I left off with...

Thurs. 12, 04
Last Day of Work for 2004!!!
The day was lazy, we went out to lunch, and at the very end of the day we had an adventure...
I walked into the kitchen and *screamed*! My boss thought the mannequins had scared me, but I actually saw a bat flying around! My boss tried to catch it in an old prayer box, but it kept flying toward the curtains! He eventually fell in a box and was transported out of the museum ^.^
That evening, we had a concert at Marlow Hall where the German Oompah Band played music. It was quite fun and we got root beer floats afterwards! Only problem being that we ran out of vanilla ice cream, so Christopher and I had to *run* accross campus to get more by raiding the Ridgecrest fridge :p

Sat. 14, 04
Today my granparents are here and we are working on the patio in the back yard ^^ It's fun, but the work is messy and hard, so I am staying indoors.

I am not sure what the plan is for the remaining few days I spend in the US...All I know is that I'm not ready for JPN O_o;;;

Well, I must be off and about with whatever needs doing.
Catch you all later!

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