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Running low on time?

I only have a few days left in the US, but instead of doing big exciting things, I've been taking it easy and chilling out at home. I made some Band of Brother's icons today^^ and watched some of Jurassic Park. Also went to church and Gram n Pap's for potpie. Now it is just a matter of deciding what to do next. Well, I have been trying to find info on the wax museum that used to be in Niagara Falls. We stumbled upon an ad for it in the "J" Encyclopedia at Gram's. I read inside that they had a wax set-up of the Oswald shooting and it got me curious. That was one of my favorite research topics as a 9th grader (yeah I know it's kinda morbid). has a really neat little site with their documentary online! huzzah!

Well, I am off to see what everyone else here wants to do for the remaining 2 hours this evening. That's about it for updates.

Still nervous 'bout JPN.

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