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Going to Japan

Well, tomorrow I leave home for the airport and Friday at 6 am I will be on my way through security and to the terminal for take off!!

I have been really angsty about it all week, and I appologize to all my friends and lj friends who've put up with me <:) But I guess I've hit that point where it's too late to turn back and I am forgetting my nervousness as I start figuring out where all I need to be and everything. Above all, I am just really tired. It could be the stress or it could be the over eating of cheesecake or it could be the big white stuffed bunny that is so soft and squishy that he makes me wanna fall asleep on him! Sleepy bunny! Well, if I didn't get the time to say goodbye to everyone, here's my goodbye for now! Though, I plan to update here as much as I can ^_^ I hope I can get lots of internet access for that reason^^ Well, I must be off. But thank you all for the kind words, prayers, and gifts! :) You are all awesome ^_^ *waves bye and drags luggage to Newark*

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