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In Japan!

I made it!

First was the challenge of waking up at 5 something am and going to the Newark airport. Then 2 hours of flight. Then I had to find the right place in Chicago's airport. Then 14 hours in the plane.

At last, we landed and made our way to the rooms here in Hirakata! And after that we stumbled upon a logal festival and we learned a Japanese dance!!
As for now, our luggage is sitting around the rooms and we are here taking over the computer lab XD gahhaaahaa!

I get to sleep on a futon tonight on a tatami mat in a small room with 4 other futons (but as of now, only one other person). We had to take our shoes off at the ground level entrance too^^ It's quite fun^^

Well, I really gotta go and get cleaned up and sleep or my brain will fry - but surprisingly I am not as tired as I thought I would be with so little sleep ^.^ I am awake and ready to do stuff XD but not paperwork >_< lol

Well, I'll update as soon as I can again!

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