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Quick word

Just a quick update here at lj from Japan!

I have been in meetings all day today and will again tomorrow.
I finally got all my banking papers in though. The one red sheet was killer to fill out! I had to get a second one cause I messed the first one up. Then I messed that one up and needed a third one ^_^

It takes about 30-some minutes to get from here to the campus. My feet are still trying to get used to all the walking. ^^

And the big news: I FOUND A MANGA SHOP XDXD And Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Vol. 7 is there with much Sieshirou goodness! XD After I visit the bank, I asm going to that shop immediately to buy things of goodness ^_^

Well, that's the only real news from kansai for now (nothing exciting, I know, I appologize^^) I'll be back again soon to update!

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