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Latest info-host family number 1, classes

Well, some big news today ^_^ on my host "family"

I'll be staying with a single lady who is middle aged and has a cat^^ (YAY KITTY) She likes to travel (YAY TRAVEL) and tea ceremony (SUPER YAY!) It should be really awesome for me if it all works out ok ^_^ I am really excited^^

Also, I registered for my classes and if all else works out as planned, I'll get into the courses I wanted: Traditional Architecture of the Tea House and Garden, and Survey of Japanese Art! XD woohoo!

So I am feeling a bit better.

I am actually sitting here in the dorm comp lab in my pajamas waiting for the last bit of laundry to dry fully O_o I should probably check on it actually.

Be back with an update on how all this works out!

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