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Homestay begins!

Well, I met my hostess, Machiko-san, on Sunday at 2 and we left together for her home in the taxi. It was rather embarassing that my luggage did not all fit into the trunk of the taxi...

Anyway, on the way we picked up my 3-month train ticket - a little gem if I do say so myself! You just slide it in the ticket register and keep walking through - no messing with change for individual tickets! w00t!

Machiko's house is nice - I share it not only with her and her white & grey cat Shuuka-chan, but also with two Chinese students and a young lady from Greece. We each get our own bedroom, so it's pretty nice. We all communicate in a mix of Japanese-English with random Chinese and Greek mixed in!

For the first meal, we had salad (tomato, lettuce, broccoli, carrots), salmon, sweet potatoe slices, fried potato thingies that were awesome, and fruit & ice cream for desert. We also toasted with Ouzo from Greece! whee potetnt stuff!

The commute from where I live to Kansai Gaidai is interesting..I walk for about 25 minutes to Kayashima station-ride the train from there to Gotenyama station, about 15 mins-walk from there to Kansai Gaidai...which took 40 minutes cause the map was unclear! lol! Some of my landmarks in the walking are: a photo shop, a fish market, a temple, and a medicine sign^^

What am I forgetting?
I hope classes aren't too much work. It really ***** that Gbg makes us take 5 courses. Because of that I could not attend the Tea Ceremony Club (curses! lol) But Machiko-san sometimes goes to TEa Ceremony classes, and she said I could come along! She seems really willing to help me learn about Japanese culture and I am so excited to learn!

Well, I have class in a couple hours...
Be back with updates on classes later in the week!!

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