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Japanese weekend number 2 comes!

Well, it's Friday afternoon. I have one more class and then I am free for the weekend!
Well, not really free - I have a ton of homework to do and much vocabulary to memorize...

But I do spend to go out and have some fun too XD I eman, that's why we are all here :p
I think I may go to Osaka with Gina, but I am not sure. Sometime soon I want to go to Kyoto!! For homework, though, I must take photos of a traditional Japanese maybe I can make an excuse to visit Kyoto^^
Also this weekend I want to spend a lot of time reading and studying manga! It definately helps one learn the language a lot!! And I have all 7 volumes of Tsubasa:REVERVoir CHRoNicle now to read ^_^

So, there is hope for tons of fun in the upcoming hours XDXD

In other news, let me randomly put down some observations/stories I have from here so far in the first week of class:
--though the only pumpkin product I like in the US is pumpkin pie, it can be used in many yummy ways here (such as salad^^).
--many trains here only go so far and then kick you off (I guess they need to tune them up or something) - I just realized today that it has a notice of where it will do that on the electronic signs above the train paths^^
--tv shows and commercials in Japan are realllly strange (and may include small children dressed as octopi, random english words, and other amusing things^^)
--textbooks and manga here are cheaper than in the US, but everything else is much more expensive!
--it makes me feel weird when I am in a train with gaijin...^^


Hope everyone else has a super weekend!

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