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Full weekend

This weekend I did many things and had many new and unexpected experiences.

Saturday-trip to DenDenTown with Gina where we bought many fun things^_^ It was very awesome^^ We went to a store with rocks & minerals, Animate, Mandarake, a used CD store, the Gundam store, and an airsoft gun store! Among many things, I bought an Engrish shirt that says: Strawberry=The Good Life ^_^ kawaii!

Sunday was my crazy day-went for a walk, went to onsen (public hot baths), and survived two earthquakes.

This week is looking to be painful, what with my class presentation in architecture and my language class being very hard and me on the borderline of failing/passing from my last exam...I am considering thinking about moving down a level? Not sure. I don't want to but *shrugs*

So that's the news.
Tonight I am going out to dinner and have much homework to finish. Boring ~_~

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