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Nara..and Frusterations and Hopes

My big event of the weekend was a class feild trip to Asuka in Nara. We visited a lot of old tombs and burial chambers and it was a lot of fun riding bicycles through the rice feild region ^_^ There were also a lot of dragonflies. It was a nice adventure and I can't wait to go on another trip like it again soon! Maybe to Kyoto!

nothing else much happened this weekend; mainly cause I was really exhausted and slightly homesick for the first time in a month. So, it was a mix of good and bad.

-I keep messing up everything in my Japanese language class. I hope I pass.
-I fell off a moving bicycle in Asuka and was slightly embarassed.
-Still haven't gotten my lunch meal allowance from the school.

-New Tsubasa comes out in 2 days
-CLAMP no kiseki vol. 1 comes out in a week and two days!
-It's a 3-day weekend this coming weekend!

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