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Addition to Sugiru: Random

Random stuff left here.

-I am trying to figure out what beads my small Buddhist mala is made of. They are an orangish color - which could be some form of chalcedony. If so, it would represent spiritual stability.

-I had the best Chiense fried rice last night ever!! Real fried rice is amazing!

-But I miss cookies. I want some fudge batter or chocolate cake icing or something teeming with sugar!

-The schoolchildren from Korien to Kozenji pour into the train at 7:40. They are so kawaii! The girls have white sailor shirts with red ribboning and blue skirts and the boys have white shirts and blue shorts. They all have white Gilligan hats and red boxy backpacks!! I saw them today because I took the bus from Neyagawa at 7:35 instead of 7:45!

-I had a random urge to read my Old Testament yesterday (I hadn't opened my Bible in....a very..long..time...). So I read some of the Laws in Leviticus, the clothing of the preists, the sons of Aaron in Exodus, and also a couple Psalms. After reading that and the history of Japanese gardens and vocabulary, my brain felt like mush so I listened to Rammstein and sketched ideas for my Phases story.

-I am impatient and want my CLAMP artbook with Suki - LOL!! I am so bad! ^.^

-Shuuga-chan (our cat) doesn't like being touched but he loves my bed and I have to chase him away from it, lest he sleep on top of it for hours!!

-Only 2 exchange students will be occupying Machiko's house after this weekend, since Kou-san is returning to China. We are all very sad. it will be a depressing weekend in that regard.

-But if the CLAMP artbook comes......

Gina! Can I come over to your apartment this weekend and play video games?! ^_______^

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