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Short time!

--I have a test in a few minutes!
--Two days ago I got my CLAMP artbook and the Yoshida Shoin DVD! HEAVEN ON EARTH! I was happy ^.^
--We had a typhoon last night - but it was just some rain and a bit of wind. No cancellation of class!
--I got an award from my American Japanese class...? huh? ...k. Yay!
--I am thinking about the planning of the trip to Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture. This weekend I go to Kyoto and then play many video games with Gina! Yay! Awesomest weekend ever!
--I am having photos processed atm. w00t!
--I have two essays to write by Monday and another small paper to do by the end of the month. Ewww.
--Tea Ceremony is my favorite thing ever-but manga is close-as is Shoinsensei-and even movies about Onmyouji are fun! ^_^

*runs to go to test before she is late*

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