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I started typing an essay but got distracted by Robert YAY and so now I have abandoned writing it until tonight! ^_^ I love procrastinating! I love talking to Robert^^

And see my icon?? Yay Yoshida Shoin sensei is showing the way for the future of Japan!! *dramatic music plays* Samurai are just too cute!

I emailed my advisor/the history professor about ideas for figuring out how to gte to Yamaguchi Prefecture to see Yoshida Shoin stuff and he told me to read books n stuff. I wrote him again and told him I already had - a bit too obsessively. ^.^ Now I am waiting for his response! I've already scared Lowy-sensei with my insane amount of enthusiasm so I can only imagine ^^ eeheehee! Long live shoin sensei! Er, well, maybe that doesn't apply...nevermind...

I am in the mood to sketch for a story, but I can't draw well enough to make my daydreams look like what they do in my mind... And it's fun now that I am developing my "Phases" characters in my head, cause when I am in some odd situation, I just think of how they would act. For example.

Standing on the bus. Ceile stands and looks out the window, pondering her research. Megumi is talking and twirling about with the kindergarteners. Iona is grinning, amused in general with nothing in paticular. Katzia is depressed and feels alone in the crowd.
And all of them at once = Megan on the train, slightly amused, slightly sober-faced and content. Maybe thinking about emails she got, maybe thinking about homework that needs to be done, maybe thinking about how late she'll get home, or what plans she has to trvael over the weekend; but probably thinking about all of those at once.

I have a ton of time to think over here while I walk to and fro everyday. Sometimes I amuse myself and giggle in the street. Sometimes I smile to young kids who are playing in the street. Sometimes I think about home and my grades and I get depressed. Sometimes I walk fast, sometimes very slow and burdened. Sometimes I look around at the old houses and camellia, or the bats flying over the rice feilds, and other times I just look at my feet. Sometimes when I walk it is sunny. The sun makes me sweat all over and it's cruddy. Sometimes is is rainy, and even my umbrella does little good; but I use it anyway. Sometimes, it is dark and the neon lights are blurring in my head as planes pass overhead. The same path, the same way. different every time. everyday the same and unique.

I love life!

along with manga, tempura, .... *^_^*

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