Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

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Slightly annoyed...angered...

Today is the day of "things not going as I planned"!

First, I was gonna get books from the library to research Noh for my report and the library was closed! >_<*
Then, I get kicked off AIM and my conversation with Claire was cut short and I haven't been able to find Gina today and both make me sad! Waaa! Nooo!
Finally, I can't get the bank machine to work and give me money which I need to liiiive! >_<**

I am slightly annoyed. And it's almost like a rage when I am enclosed in tight spaces between people who walk *really* slowly. it makes me wanna yell out loud and race past them >_<**

Ok, my rant is done ^_^ I feel better now!
One good thing that *did* happen today: I met a new Japanese friend and she said I was kawaii ^.^!!! Yay! ^_^ I like being cute and kawaii!

*happiness is restored!*

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