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Midterms at Kansai Gaidai

This is the crazy week of midterms at Kansai Gaidai!
I have been running about studying, then last minute cramming, gathering with classmates to complain about class and taking tests.
By now, I have done all of my in class exams. I have one take home and also a paper to complete. Also, I need to find a Tea House to research and a topic for my ethics research paper... It's always hard to figure out research topics. But I am not so worried about that at the moment - at least not until my short papers are done.
We had a class trip scheduled to go to the Uransenke Headquarters, but due to a death in the family, the event has been cancelled. And I even bought new fancy white socks for the event! Ah well, this will give me time to write my paper....*grumble*
Whew this week was the ultimate insanity. I plan to play a lot of Zelda this weekend to help clean my clogged brain. And hug my giant Stuffed Nemo Fishy! ^___^
Oh, and I told Akiko-san, the English student who visits me, about the pokemon plushies I bought ^.^ She mentioned the Umeda Ferris Wheel so we talked about shopping and I said:

I went shopping in Umeda!! I bought [not shoes, not clothes, not fancy stuff, but].....PLUSHIES!"

We both laughed.
She said: "Awwwww - it was cute - you and all the small children together in the Pokemon store!" Mmmm I love Japanese kawaii culture. Where its perfectly acceptable and cute for 20 year old students to buy cute things ^___^ Yay! I love being a fan of kawaii! And if anyone says its strange or crazy - they just don't understand the sheer awesomeness of the cuuuute ^___^

Wonder what I shall do tomorrow. Hmm. I have to write the paper but I want to do something fun too.... Hmmahh.

Well, I am off to either do work, pretend to do work, eat food, or talk to Japanese students!

Hope everyone has a super-weekend!! ^_^
Take care! ^^

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