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Mmm The Joys of Fall

It is raining today and my umbrella had two of its spokes broken...I need to buy a new one...especially since a typhoon is coming tomorrow! O_o And I've had this stuffy nose-sneezing for a week or so now. I think there is something in my blankey cause I sneeze a lot before I fall alseep. *sniffle*

I will be so happy when my essays are done! Maybe I will have time to do random research on geology (I have this urge today to study a geology textbook...) Too bad this library here is so screwed up. Half the books you can't find, and half are kept off the main stacks for some crazy unknown reason. Not to mention the small English selection - Gettysburg spoiled me!

And why does everyone (ok, some ppl) make fun of me for having a big backpack? It's not like I can help it when my profs tell me to brign all my textbooks to class everyday >_< gr. *sigh*

I am in a complainy mood cause I am grouchy about my essays ^_^ Essays should not be this painful, but they are because...they are! teehee ^-^

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