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Yep, my brain feels all clogged. I have a thousand memos spinning inside...for exampls:
-do class reading before class
-do composition test review after class
-return library book
-plan meeting with Japanese student Tuesday
-"" Thursday
-buy new sketchpad
-scan photos
-do paperwork
-edit essay

So I can't really process anything else in my head at the moment.

The weekend went ok. Saturday was fun relaxing and watching movies. I also was skimming the Clover books I got. And I have come to the conclusion to keep an eye out for "Watashi no suki no hito" if the bookstores have it. Sunday, I worked on ym presentation for language, went to the onsen, and had a nice chat with my host mom. Today I had a surprise quiz and probably another quiz soon in ethics. I really just want to rest, but I am way drowned in homework I put off or forgot about this weekend...

I can't really give much more interesting information at the moment, so I'll sign off and get some homework out of the way.

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