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One of those weeks

It's just one of those weeks where you want the weekend to come as quickly as is possible. I am feeling kind of worn out from the week of midterms and the week of papers and this past week of appointments and presenting. It's been kinda of relentlessly busy, but it is winding down... In fact, winding down to the end of the semester!! It is already almost November!! I can't believe it. Soon, I will have finals! And it doesn't feel like I have been in Japan that long - though it also feels like ages since I was in America...
I hope I can do more exploring of Kyoto eventually. In the beginning, people travelled a lot to Kyoto and Osaka because it was new and school was just beginning. But now that classes are well into full swing, nobody has the time or funds to travel as much. That's just the way it goes, it isn't neccessarily bad. Maybe over winter break I will visit some temples. I enjoy seeing them and taking time to stop and think, reflect, and then buy charms ^__^**
I bought the latest Shonen Magazine last night but haven't gotten time to read the Tsubasa chapter. It's recently moved to a mythical sort of realm where the RG Veda characters are featured! It makes me want to buy that manga...but I just bought Clover... too many manga and too little time!
Also, in ethics, we talked about Taoism and we mentioned the Tao of Pooh. It actually sounded interesting. I might have to read it sometime when I get a chance (like that ever happen! lol)

But here's an oddly-entertaining story I saw on TV about a many, Tony, from Allentown, PA! It's kind long but it is really incredible! His wife wanted to kill him, and so she came up with a plan to have a co-worker of Tony's come and kill him. But Tony saw him hiding in the bushed and spoiled the plan. Plan B was to poison Tony's spaghetti. He commented on how tasty it was. And he didn't die. Plan C was to trip him with wire at the top of the stairs. He, yawning, started to approach the stairs, but saw the wire and untied it, mumbling about how odd it was to be there...By now the wife was getting frantic. She told her accomplice to just shoot poor Tony in his sleep. So, he did. He shot him in the head. A few seconds later, Tony opened his eyes and said "Ow my head hurts."
If that wasn't enough, the wife tried to poison him with soup - which didn't seem to have any effect. And then the wife had more coworkers come and they shot him in the chest!
By this time, the police came and found him all pale in his bed, shot twice. But to everyone's shock (guess what happens next...) he opened his eyes and looked around, confused.
Today, Tony still lives in his home and is perfectly happy and healthy!! He told the reporters jokingly about how he feels kind of strange to be famous.
I still find it a crazy! story - but it happened a few hours from my homtown and quite a few years ago! But it amused me - the dramitization was hilarious (the look on the wife's face was just O___O;;;;;) heehee!

That's all the time I have for now... I must make the long treck home and then do some worksheets and then sleep. a lot. and maybe eat and shower. Oh, wait! I have a meeting with my speaking partner...well, I'll just have to stay awake for that ^_^ It's only until 9 pm^^ Gambarimasu!!



わああ! 日本語はとてもおもしろいですね! 日本語が大好き! 
(Ok, yes, typing in Japanese is highly entertaining....^^)

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