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There is never a break! Gambarimasu~~~~

Yep - I said a while back that after midterms I'd have free time...then I had essays...then homework..and now all the work in the world!! Gahh~~ It's so busy that checking my email is a big event!
Anyway, the plans for a Hagi trip are in the making XD Gina and I will go there and yay be there and uh buy lots of Shoin-sensei merchandise like plates and sculptures XD I am so excited! We even have a hotel booked! Only thing left now is to get tickets for the shinkansen and bus...
Anyway, I am way too excited!
Megan<-Yoshida Shoin sensei fangirl XD

I have a skit in language class with my classmate Marilyn. We are doing a skit about an alien!! I am the poor Sakai-san who has aliens come into my house and tell me "take me to your leader"! so I take them to the mayor's and then seek psychiatric counseling! yay! Fun! In not so fun group work for my architecture class we have to do cruddy things and write huge papers due in 2 weeks - no~~!! Scary!! Also, I have another art paper due soon...a big language exam next week...along with many other things like random quizzes, worksheets, readings, etc. So, yes, it is crazy!!

But I got the class listing for the spring semester at Kansai Gaidai - Laura, did you and Reeves see it yet? I haven't read over it yet but hopefully I will this weekend...

And then I have still to finish the planning of the Hagi trip... These are all the things that are crammed into my brain. They make me exhausted...I went to bed at 10 pm last night! Ack the horror of sleeping in the pre midnight hours!

I have class now... maybe I'll be less crazy later on this weekend! ^_^

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