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I am from the state of Pennsylvania, Penn's woods. There are low mountains and trees in abundance.
Specifically, I am from West Milton, or formerly, Datesmans town. It started as a railroad stop along the Susquehanna River.
I followed that river to school everyday, and then to work everyday, and then to and from college. It was like a lifevein in my journies.

Currently, I live in the city of Neyagawa 寝屋川: Place of rest along the riverside.
Specifically, I reside in the town of Kayashima 萱島: Island of the miscanthus reeds.
My block is named Takayanagi 高柳: Tall willow place.
Everyday, on my walk to school I pass through the area of Kamida 神田: Rice feild of the Gods.
There is a heron which guards those grounds and sometimes I see him flying or standing in the muddy feilds.

I won't stay here forever.
But that's the way of everyplace.

And now I go off to live my life - aka, do schoolwork, help prepare dinner, and keep the cat out of the tatami room. Isn't life interesting? ^_^

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