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like the turtle...

Slowly progressing...
-got the shinkansen tickets for the trip to Hagi, Yamaguchi-ken! Going to see the Shoin Shrine! laalaa!
-the Hosokawa Sansai tearoom essay has an outline and skeletal base of three double-spaced pages...
-I am caught up in language work and ethics readings
-I have a big weekend ahead starting tonight at seven.'s a start!

Actually, at this moment, I am looking forward to when I can get home from tonight and curl up on my bed and work on writing my essay! I know I am crazy ^_^ but at least it is better than other things. I shouldn't complain. Tomorrow is the shinsengumi tour! Yay! Then I have all of Sunday to procrastinate on my essay! ^_^ Ahhh this is the life of the student!

As for now, I must eventually send a letter to my granparents and then go to class. I might end up sleeping in class because I am in a lazy and bored mood at the moment!! We'll see...and actually I am really craving a McDonald's hamburger...waaa~~~ hungry. But I must save my money because I am running low...and I need to make it last another 2 and a half months! If it is a choice between the Gundam figurine or food...I choose the figurine - I am silly that way! But boy am I hungry. Maybe I'll splurge! ^_^ But then again, that's what I always say!! Wow I need a parttime job to supply me with income to live - heehee!

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