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Some better photos!

Just got my photos developed and here's a select few - I assure you, these are all more exciting than the photos I posted from my feild trip to the ancient burial grounds ^.^** So enjoy! ^_^ Hope these photos are amusing!

--Here is a Japanese garden - the one found at Ginkakuji, the Silver Pavilion. You can see some old buildings in the back where court nobels held tea tasting competitions. Ginkakuji garden photo

--A very different type of garden at the Manshuin. The pine tree is supposed to symbolize longevity, and the rocky area in the distance is supposed to represent a waterfall. Manshuin garden photo

--Ta-da! It's Megan! I am a Shinsengumi! Isn't the banner great? It has the kanji for sincerity! Behold Shinsengumi-chan!

--Bewars of Megan of the Shinsengumi! Fear my blade! <-Me just playing around^^

--But, even better is getting to hold a real</i> sword! Wow that was too much fun! That's Gina and I and some of the real Shinsengumi guys! Don't we make a good bunch? Too bad the photographer cut off half of our troup! That was at a temple in Kyoto!

--Lastly, here is my set of tools for tea ceremony - fan, small fork/knife, fukusa (silk cloth), and the purse-contained for all of them! Aren't they bright and cute? Tea Ceremony Kit

--Here is me playing with a scary radishman! plush!! Isn't it weird?! Gina has the coolest things XD
Waaa the radish!

--Here is one last one of a temple at night with the lanterns turned was kinda spooky but very quiet and peaceful!
walk the path at night...

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