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2 weeks of class....

Can you believe it? Only 2 weeks of classes left to suffer through! That is good because I am totally exhausted and need a week or two to just sleep and actually have time to read manga for once! On the bad side, it means that half of my time here is done and also for this week, that I have a lot of work to do on papers...

This weekend I am going to an island off Kobe with my host mom and host sister. Then, Sunday I have to leave from there at 7 am or so in order to make it back to Kyoto in time for my feild trip to the Taian teahouse.

Next week is the next to last week of classes, and that weekend Gina and I go to Hagi! Yay! When we return we have one more week of class followed by finals.

Time is flying by at an insane rate!

I even lost track of Tsubasa and the latest book just came out today!!
I plan to buy that later ^_~

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