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Names are good

We watched more of our in-class movie - 結婚シミュラシュン - and in the one scene the couple was trying to decide a name for their child. It got me excited about choosing names and kanji for names and characters in stories I plan to create one day...stories...

Also a random note:
I am talking to my mom about ants....
They are doing an experiment-no matter how far you drop an ant it doesn't die/they just dropped an ant 90 feet/ we'll see if it lived after the commericals...and...the ant lives!!!

Behold the power of the ant! He can carry heavy weight! He is the ideal of gambarimasu! He can be dropped from a building and not die!

The ant is my new role model!
I shall make a coat-of-arms for myself with a winged ant and call it: "the genki gambarimasu!"

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