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Today is a Kiseki day!

Clamp No Kiseki Vol. 3 came out and I totally forgot until Gina told me! This is one way you can tell that I am totally out of whack! Subaru, I am sorry! :3

Whewwwww well let's see.
Today I am feeling tired and dead. I have to move into the other room tonight, but not before I have a quiz and a couple hours of plan-making for Hagi. I am so very tired. I'm looking forward to December. And it is approaching so incredibly quickly.

This apst weekend I was in Awajishima. I missed my feild trip to both Eiga Mura and teh Taian Teahouse, but in spite of that it was a good weekend. We stayed at a Japanese style hotel where we enjoyed the onsen, the view of the bay, and also Japanese food! Yes, the food was interesting. . . I will never eat snail again and next time I have a fish eyeball I will "not" swallow the hard part - lol! Besides the hotel, we saw a bunraku play, a 3-D science movie, and went shopping in Kobe City. It was a long day and we got home after 10 pm. It makes me worry how I will survive next Monday after Hagi - heehe! I am sure I will though. I just hope the transportation works out. . . I am slightly concerned - ok - very worried about that ^^ Mainly cause I did it and I am slightly paranoid.

Well, I better get to work on planning before my class time starts!

More later!

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