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At the end of things

Well it's not exactly an "end of all things," but it is an end, none-the-less.
Today is the last day of fall classes at Kansai Gaidai.
The morning kicked off to a horrid start as I completely blanked out on the oral exam and gave no answer for the last question - but it got better as I finished up my essay on the Jizo Bosatsu. Got better as I did a report? Well, it was better because at least I could do something half-right today. The essay is probably not the best but - holy crud - it's better than my oral. Why do I always do that on orals like those? because I never practice speaking Japanese much outside of class maybe...hmmmahhh. I can only blame myself, but I'll take the experience, swallow it, and accept it as a part of me as I make up for it with better work in the future. But it's so hard to do that. Thus, why I am glad that I could have an essay to start rebuilding my crushed confidence. I hope now that my grades are good enough to make it through language class!

This weekend I have to enterain guests coming to hang out with Machiko-san, my host mom. I will also study a lot and maybe take a little time to look at all the fun books and things I brought back from Hagi. Ah Hagi - my favorite place on earth.

So there is hope even in the darkest of days!!
And here I go to hand-in a semi-cruddy essay and return home to a host mom with whom I never talk - how can I be optimistic? because...

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