Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Finals week and full of things!

First of all, finals week has: FINALS!
--The finals have been going fairly well. Kanji was easy and then the grammer wasn't too horrific (maybe because I studied a lot) and today is art but I am not too worried about it. After today, the semester is officially over!!

Second, finals week has me running around doing fun things away from home!
--I hung out with Gina on Monday and it was lots of fun! She writes about it in her entry^^ And we watched random anime shows on TV, including one with: Mouse-boy! Yay!

Third, finals week is full of mail!
--I'm expecting one or two more packages, and already received one from my aunt which contained a ton of snacks and a little Christmas tree! So cute! ^_^* It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Fourth, finals week is full of organizing/getting/throwing away.
--I started sifting through my folders last night and throwing out incomplete worksheets and junk papers. On the other hand, I organized all my photos and plan to assemble them in a new photo album I bought! While doing all of this, I tend to get sleepy, which may be due to the germs in the air or just exhaustion from studying!

Fifth, finals week is full of bitter-sweet.
--I am glad that soon I won't have to take the train to school, but every time I use the trains it costs me an arm and a leg since my student commuter pass expired.
--I am glad the semester is over, but nearly all my friends are packing up to go away ;_;
--I am looking forward to the holiday, but I will be in a dorm over Christmas. . .

So many things, errands, and thoughts floating in my's that time of year!

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