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Wow I can't believe that it is December! (lol) I lost all track of time after the weekend in Hagi! But I am so glad that classes are done!! And it looks like my grades will turn out ok! *yatta*
I am so thrilled!
The only thing keeping me from dancing around is the fact that I got a cold. My sinuses are melting inside my head and clogging up my throat *gaahh* I am a bit tired, but mainly am just annoyed by this feeling of "germ-y-ness."
So let's see. Today is freedom day! I am going to stay here in this chair online for forever! ^_^ Well, until it gets dark and I have to go to the seminar houses and claim my temporary room. Then I will continue my translation of the Yoshida Shoin book and then sleep a lot. Tomorrow is a day in Kyoto with Gina! Come to think of it, the last time I was in Kyoto was...? A month or more ago!? Wow. I am very excited ^_^
Uwaaa why does AIM die all the time here? I hate it so much ^^
Anyway :D
I am going to try to restart AIM and wander the internet!! Be back later!

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