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stuffy and running on 5 hrs in the lab...

Oww the sinus drainage. Waaa I feel germ-y! Sorry computer who I have infected with the cold! ^.^ Luckily I am feeling a little less horrible than I was earlier, but still I have a ways to go to perfect health. I plan to pick up a health charm at Kuramadera tomorrow...

Ok, yes I must confess that I watched the Yoshida Shoin movie *again* and loved it even more ^^ The scenes in the Shoka Sonjuku school seemed so real, since I saw the school, and could visualize it a lot better! I want to go back in time and stalk the place...^_^*

I don't have paintshop, but since I had the time, I couldn't "not" make an icon from the Hagi trip!

I miss my own computer...this one has bad resolution and it doesn't have all the fun techno files ^_^

So worn out.
I think I will go to the seminar house soon and make my futon and lay on it and sleep.

I hope I am up to tomorrow's trip - I think the mountain air and homemade bread will do me good! I am really excited! I hope my germs go away...Maybe a nice hot shower will burn them off...
Gah the germs are miserable - but not as miserable as poor Jusuke!!! Wow I want Shoin sensei to give me his cloak like he did for Jusuke when he was sick... :3 ....

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